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Why It Is a Good Idea to Have a Will

Last Will and Testament,

    A will is a document that states who inherits your property when you die. Drafting and executing a last will and testament gives you the opportunity to dispose of your property at death. Preparing your will can give you the opportunity to do some other essential planning, as well.

    For many reasons, people often put off this important task. No one wants to contemplate the end of life. However, there are many advantages to having a will, including:.

    • Avoid having someone else decide who gets your property. With a will, you get to decide who inherits your property. If you die without a will, the state decides in accordance with the law intestacy. Your property may notnecessarily be distributed according to your wishes.

    • Being prepared and organized. The process of preparing a will requires you to think about your assets and organize your affairs so that information I available to loved ones when the time comes. It also allows you an opportunity to discuss inheritance with your loved ones to reduce tensions and allow smoother family relationships.

    • If you have minor children, you can appoint a guardian for them and someone to look after property you have left for them. In the absence of the appointment of a guardian, a judge may decide who will be the guardian to your minor children.

    Having a will can help you achieve the most important goal of all – peace of mind.

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