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Probate – What Is It?

mfine probate

    Probate is a court-supervised process to set up an estate, manage the affairs of
    a deceased person and distribute their property. Typically when a person dies
    with a will, the executor or the heirs petition the Surrogate Court to have the
    will declared valid and to have the executor formally appointed to take care of
    the assets of the estate. Depending upon the property that is in the estate and
    other requirements that might apply, the executor may have to pay the debts of
    the deceased person, take care of filing tax returns and paying the taxes, and
    pay out the remaining assets to the appropriate beneficiaries.

    While probate is a somewhat involved process, it is not the worst thing to be
    avoided at all costs, especially in New Jersey and New York. The executor
    will have some work to do, but can be compensated through executor

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