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Asset Management

Many matters in the area of estate and elder law require the appointment of a fiduciary, which is a person who manages money or property for someone else.  A fiduciary has a legal obligation to act in the best interest of the person who chose them.  Examples of a fiduciary include

  • an executor under a will
  • a guardian in a guardianship
  • an agent under a power of attorney
  • a trustee for a trust   

Selecting the right person to serve as executor, guardian, agent or trustee can be difficult, especially if there are no relatives are friends you trust.  Family dynamics, long distances, and other factors may lead someone to choose an outside person to serve in these roles.

In addition, some people are uncomfortable managing their money as they age.  My office can assist with:

  • collecting income
  • paying bills;
  • ensuring the filing of tax returns