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May 2023
Sometimes, unfortunately, an adult becomes mentally unable to make financial or personal/medical decisions for themselves. If that happens, and there is no power of attorney or health care proxy, or those documents are not sufficient to enable someone to make those decisions or manage their funds, a guardianship may be necessary. Guardianship involves filing an...
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mfine probate
Probate is a court-supervised process to set up an estate, manage the affairs of a deceased person and distribute their property. Typically when a person dies with a will, the executor or the heirs petition the Surrogate Court to have the will declared valid and to have the executor formally appointed to take care of...
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Last Will and Testament,
A will is a document that states who inherits your property when you die. Drafting and executing a last will and testament gives you the opportunity to dispose of your property at death. Preparing your will can give you the opportunity to do some other essential planning, as well. For many reasons, people often put...
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